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ELEGENT 100% easy care merino wool - copy

There are 90 tones in color card Sample Stock service is provided for each color
Basic yarn count NM2/30--NM2/48--NM2/6


There are 90 tones in color card Sample Stock service is provided for each color.

Basic yarn count NM2/30--NM2/48--NM2/60.

Corresponding Flat knitting machines Gauges: 12GG -- 14GG -- 16GG ,1END.

Minimum quantity and surcharge:

    Colors in stock service  : 1KG.

    Colors provided by customer : 

          Solid color : 3KG.with surcharge 200RMB/tone.

          Melange color : 20KG.with surcharge 500RMB/tone.

In case of necessity of wet finish,water at 28/30℃,softener3% O.W.W. PH: 5.3--5.5. CATIONIC or SILICONIC.

Centrifuge at 900 RPM ,to dry at 65-70℃, not excessively to dry completely 

    avoid to lose the softness and the handle of garment.

The wash of the garments must be doing “inside out" always.

Not to re-cone the yarn,to use yarn by original cones.


小心手洗.pngHand wash

可干洗.pngDry Clean

低温熨烫.pngIron maximum  110℃

平铺晾干.pngFlat Dry

不可漂白.pngDo not bleach

不可滚筒烘干.pngDo not tumble dry