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About us

LANAFIELD is committed to the production, development and marketing of high quality Meino wool products. We are good at controlling the  wool industry chain: from wool testing. Raw wool procurement. Scouring and carding and combing. Top treatment. Top dyeing. Spinning . Yarn dyeing and other aspects to provide customers with excellent quality, stable performance, fashion and variety  yarn products.

Wool testing: wool is a complex and widely different fiber, from shearing, grading to spinning. We need to monitor the state of wool in different ways in each process, laser fineness meter test, fiber length meter test, TM31 stability test, Worcester dry instrument test, our complete control methods and equipment system to help us more accurately grasp the quality of the product.

Raw hair procurement: the selection of raw materials for the final quality of yarn has a key role. The raw wool of different pastures is divided into batches in Australia and then packed and transported to the wool manufacturing plant may have to be approved again, so the purchase of raw materials with good quality consistency is a criterion for us. Adhere to the purchase of Non-abused wool, actively through RWS & GRS certification, and retailers to protect animal welfare and the earth's environment.

Wool washing combing: specially equipped Australian wool washing thread, using environmental protection aids, water saving oil, washed wool whiteness, gloss better. Italian carding equipment has better decontamination and combing effect. The better arrangement of wool laid a good foundation for spinning yarn.

Wool dyeing: to ensure textile safety and environmental protection needs a series of unremitting efforts. Here we all adjust and adopt environmental protection dyes and auxiliaries from Hensman and other manufacturers, set up our own sewage treatment and monitoring system, and passed the OEKOTEX-100CLASSⅠ certification. And ZDHC certification.

Spinning manufacturing: continuous introduction of Italian wool worsting technology ,20 years of continuous inheritance and learning, equipped with the latest spinning equipment, products covered with horizontal knitting, circular knitting, woven socks and other markets, to meet the needs of the market.

LANAFIELD quality control, service customers, meet the needs of the production process to achieve every detail control, strive for our customers to show confidence and recognition of our wool yarn products.



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